T.H.E.M. Dow Packaging Innovation Diamond Finalist Award

New Single-Serve Packaging Design – #9 of 200 Competing Products

BREAKING NEWS! March 31, 2022 – T.H.E.M. a finalist in the DOW Packaging Innovations Awards competition has been awarded the coveted Diamond Finalist Award, ranking #9 of 200 competing product designs.
T.H.E.M. is a leading innovator of single-use and single-serve package designs for many of the world’s leading brands. The 2022 DOW Packaging Innovations award recognizes the company’s revolutionary new Hand Sanitizer Sachet.

The award-winning T.H.E.M. sachet product combines a consumer-friendly format, easy-open film, zero-headspace fill, and a unique formulation. The entire product was conceived and optimized by the same team, leveraging the specific properties of the materials, product formulation, and form-fill-seal machine. The package is produced on Sanko Stick Machine lines, the only machines, according to the T.H.E.M., capable of producing this specific product format.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for this innovative package design,” said Neil Kozarsky, T.H.E.M. CEO, “Our engineering, innovations, and operations teams worked seamlessly with our customer to create a new solution for single-use hand sanitizer. The final product melded convenience, sustainability, and efficiency in a highly consumer-friendly single-use package. Being acknowledged by DOW speaks to the ability of our team to convert customer desires into winning solutions.”

For more information on the 2021 Dow Packaging Innovations Diamond Finalist Award, click here.

About T.H.E.M. The company is a unique contract packaging firm that grew from a packaging design and innovation business. A second-generation family business, the 40-year old firm is a leader in designing and producing innovative single-serve and single-use versions of leading brand products. T.H.E.M. operates two product facilities in the northeast. More information on T.H.E.M. can be found at THEM.NET