Choosing the Right VFFS Machine for Your Packaging Needs

Vertical filling machine with aluminum pouch

Packaging is an integral part of any product launch. With the right packaging equipment, you can ensure your products are adequately protected and presentable to consumers. Automated packaging machines have become increasingly prevalent for businesses that need to quickly and efficiently package various products. One such machine is the vertical form fill sealing machine.

Vertical packaging machines are powerful and can perform with great speed and accuracy. They can form, fill, and seal bags or pouches on a vertical axis. Its versatile design makes VFFS machines ideal for various applications, including food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and many other industries.

There are two types of VFFS machines—intermittent and continuous motion. The intermittent motion type features a short pause during the film feeding pitch. This is when the end seal unit seals the top and bottom to keep it in place.

The continuous type has no stops or pauses and provides a constant flow of the film. The end seal unit moves up and down to keep up with the film’s movements for end sealing. Thus, it prevents any potential damage caused by dropping.

How Do VFFS Machines Work?

This simple process is how vertical form fill seal packaging works.

A roll of film material is fed into the VFFS machine and folded into a bag shape. Then, the edges are sealed vertically. This process allows for quick production cycles with minimal waste. The product is filled into this newly formed bag, and the last open end is sealed shut.

Key Factors for Consideration

These are some key factors to consider when choosing a VFFS machine.

Product Type

The type of product you intend to package will determine the machine you should choose. VFFS machines are the perfect solution for fragile or non-free-flowing products. Different machines can handle different product types like grains, powders, or liquids. VFFS machines offer excellent flexibility and accuracy, allowing you to package various products with greater precision than manual packaging methods.


Buying new packaging equipment is an expensive endeavor. You will need to ensure the base and operating costs for a new VFFS machine are financially feasible for your business. The cheapest VFFS machine might not be what you need and is not always the best option.

It is best to approach this with a budget in mind. Be sure to contact multiple vendors for the best cost, maintenance, and operation estimates.

Machine Size

Space limitations may prevent some companies from taking full advantage of these vertical packing machines. Fortunately, VFFS machines come in different sizes that can fit into any production area. However, the size may affect the machine’s production capacity.

Production Speed

When considering production speed, it’s important to consider the rate at which the machine can form, fill and seal the bags. Depending on your production needs, you may need a VFFS machine that can package at a low or high speed. Understanding your product type can also give you some insight into the ideal production speed as well.

Reliability and Support

It is essential to check the reliability of the machine and whether the supplier provides technical support and servicing. The right supplier should be able to provide comprehensive support throughout the life cycle of the machine from installation to maintenance and repairs. This ensures that any issue that arises can be quickly addressed with minimal disruption.

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