Contract Packaging Service

Bringing supply chain continuity to large-scale commercialization.

Contract packaging is the outsourcing of product packaging to a third-party, like T.H.EM.. It allows businesses to take advantage of experienced and knowledgeable companies. Our experienced team of professionals can guide you through the contract packaging process to deliver commercial solutions to your standards.

This allows you to use efficient systems to deliver the packaging your products deserve. Contract packaging is ideal for companies that do not have the capacity to handle packaging in-house. It allows you to handle the things you do best while we handle the packaging.


Our Concept-to-Consumer Value Chain enables us to partner with customers based on their needs. From ideation and formulation to commercialization and production, our world-class practices produce superior competitive advantage. This is what makes us the top contract packaging service company.

T.H.E.M. brings supply chain continuity to large-scale commercialization through our FDA-registered contract packaging facility. Our company’s success as a co packer is predicated on stability, reliability, and performance throughout every step of the process. This approach has helped us produce consistent, outstanding results and provide proven contract packaging system solutions that national and global consumer goods companies demand from a co packer.

We offer a wide range of packaging options for our contract packaging services. This includes our stick pack packaging, which uses cutting-edge Sanko technology.

FDA Approved Facilities


T.H.E.M.’s contract manufacturing facilities are registered with the FDA for food, beverage, dietary supplements, and medical device contract packaging. This is ideal for food businesses, that value food safety. We want to ensure our customers have the best experience as a contract food packaging company. As one of the top contract packaging solution companies, we want to provide you with high-quality standards for our services.

High Volume Contract Packaging Services


Our contract manufacturing facilities can fulfill high-volume production runs for your needs. We are a contract packaging company with efficient systems and standards in place to make this a smooth process for packaging production and package design.

We are a contract packaging company with the experience to make low and high volume production smooth for our customers. You don’t have to sacrifice quality with small or large production runs because we have standards to ensure consistent quality control across the board.


We offer a wide range of services which includes pilot scale production. This will allow your business to run a test run of production, mimicking the controlled condition of full-scale production.

We can assess the product and product to ensure everything is up to standard before moving forward with full-scale production. This is an important process as a contract packaging company because it helps us to optimize the production run for the best results. Pilot-scale production will allow us to evaluate the quality and safety of the end product.


Getting samples for your contract packaging will allow you to identify and address issues with the product and packaging. You will be able to see if the samples meet regulations and requirements before moving to production.

Get Contract Packaging Services You Deserve

As an experienced contract packaging company, we understand the importance for stellar quality and high standards. This is why we offer contract packaging services tailored to your needs.

Small businesses can benefit from this because it allows them to get a preview of what to expect for their dietary, medical, or food products. Prototyping will help you to ensure the end product can withstand the rigors of handling, transportation, and storage.

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