Earthinks® Names T.H.E.M. As Exclusive North American Commercialization Partner

(Marlton, NJ – September 2015) Neil Kozarsky, CEO and President of Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.), a leading provider of single-serve flexible packaging and co-packing solutions, recently announced that the company has been appointed the exclusive North American commercialization partner by Earthinks®. Earthinks (  is a manufacturer of environmentally friendly printing inks and coatings for flexographic and screen printing on a wide variety of substrates used throughout the food industry.


“We are very pleased to represent a company that offers the most natural printing inks currently available in the world,” Kozarsky commented. “We anticipate that many of our supply chain partners and consumer brand customers will be equally impressed with the unique combination of environmental-friendliness, performance, and competitive pricing that the Earthinks product line represents. It is truly a winning formula, and a perfect complement to our initiatives in the area of single-serve flexible packaging.”

“All of our products are made from natural ingredients such as soy, starches, sugars, dextrin, tree sugars, cellulose and other polysaccharides,” explains Jonathan Mack, Founder and CEO of  UK-based Earthinks. Comparatively priced with standard inks, Earthinks are glycol and silicone-free, with no heavy metals and near zero Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) levels.  Natural waxes are used in place of standard synthetic grades, and natural oils are used for defoaming in place of mineral oils and silicones.  Due to their lower viscosity, less foaming, and lower dot gain, Earthink inks also provide sharper image reproduction than standard inks.

Earthinks products are well suited for a variety of flexible packaged food products, and also healthcare, cosmetics, and many other products that require environmental and regulation compliance. Earthinks and coatings comply with standards set by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and the Federal Institute of Risk Assessment (BfR) for food product safety. The company’s inks and coatings are developed with non-migratory pigments and raw materials that are either classified for use with foods, or have direct food contact approval. “Even if migration occurs,” explains Mack, “it will not contaminate the product with any chemicals.” This makes Earthinks a much safer alternative to ultra violet (UV) inks. Earthinks products also have effective barrier properties for grease resistance, which is an important consideration for packaging products containing fats or oils.

In addition to flexible packaging, Earthinks also offers inks formulated for printing on envelopes, labels, corrugated, and other specialty packaging. All Earthinks inks are developed to remain stable over long print runs, with graphical image sharpness and consistency maintained from beginning to end of a production run.

Jonathan Mack of Earthinks will be in attendance at the T.H.E.M. exhibit, Booth S-7472, at the upcoming Pack Expo 2015 show, September 29-30, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, NV. T.H.E.M. has an established reputation for introducing North American consumer brands to emerging packaging technologies from around the globe. At Pack Expo 2014 for instance, the company introduced the North American packaging community to Snapsil®, a unique semi-rigid single-serve packaging solution that originated in Australia.