Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Industry We Serve

With over 20 years in the contract packaging industry, T.H.E.M. has worked with different brands in the consumer healthcare, household products, pharmaceuticals, and personal or fast-moving consumer goods products niche.

Becoming the leader in the co-packing space, T.H.E.M. ensures reliable packaging for different kinds of products- creating a lasting impression for your brand.

We make sure every product is packaged safely to preserve impressive, most remarkable product quality from the manufacturing site down to your customer’s doorsteps. 

Providing product packaging services in New Jersey and across neighboring cities, T.H.E.M. carefully engineers and designs custom-made contract packaging for your business based on how you want your brand to stand out and be ahead of its competition. 

different product of fast-moving consumer-goods

World Class Contract Packaging Designs

We know what your business might need to help preserve and maintain the best quality of your products. Using only the cutting edge technologies to give you custom-made packaging that gets each of your items picked up from the shelves, T.H.E.M. understand how great designs impact consumer psychology.


T.H.E.M. provides contract packaging cartoning services for different product specifications and dimensions. From cereal boxes down to small boxes for topicals, we help you safekeep your products from being pierced, damaged or exposed to contaminants with cartons and corrugated contract packaging materials.


Using only the state-of-the-art labeling equipment to give you a customized packaging, we configure our machines to give you compelling labeling solutions.

With our 5 labeling machineries, we can speed up applying labels to your products at high speed. Applying two to three labels simultaneously, our contract packaging and labeling systems can yield up to 300 fully-customized pieces each minute.

Blister Carding

Here at T.H.E.M, we give you high-speed blister carding to help your brand sell its unique features and attract customer attention by design. Using our cutting-edge 16-station Alloyd carousel product packaging sealers, our team helps you produce up to 60,000 cards for your blister packaging every day. 

Want to emphasize your product’s unique benefits? We customize single, double, or foldover cards and leaflet inserts so your customers can have a memorable purchase.

Shrink Wrapping

T.H.E.M. provides shrink wrapping contract packaging services using our high-speed, highly-efficient shrink wrap lines. We craft and customize different shrink wrap quantities to shield your products from damage, spillage or contamination. 

Flow Wrapping

Also known as the fin-seal wrapping, this flow packaging keeps your product secured and presentable, even in smaller consumable goods. Are you selling candies wrapped individually? Pre-packed eating utensils and baseball cards? T.H.E.M. customizes your flow packaging to keep your product at its best quality. 

Kit Assembly

T.H.E.M. is committed to bringing your products a quality and customized kit assembly to give your customers an impressive product presentation. Whether you’re selling a medical test kit, cosmetic bundles, skincare sets and professional kits, we help you establish a great reputation by arranging your products into a hygienic kit.

The Leader in Contract Packaging Industry

Being one of the most reliable product packaging services in New Jersey, T.H.E.M. provides top-rated food and CPG brands with innovative single-serve and single-use product solutions.

With our contract packaging production facilities and our very own innovation center, we focus on exclusively engineering a highly-reliable single-serve/ single-use product packaging for leading brand products.


T.H.E.M. operates two contract packaging facilities at the heart of Malton, New Jersey. 

Our SQF food and CPG locations produce high-quality single-serve and single-use retail and foodservice products loved by millions of consumers.

The principal production platform is Sanko-based dry and liquid stick-pack lines. T.H.E.M. utilizes state-of-the-artSanko machines and a wider array of Sanko equipment than any other North American production center.


Dubbed as the home to single-serve packaging, T.H.E.M. specializes in single-serve / single-use product solutions including the Slim-Stick and Snapsil formats.

With more single-serve experience than any other contract packaging provider, T.H.E.M. delivers unparalleled food and CPG package design and engineering expertise. We give every brand we work with a better-designed, efficient product roll brought to market in impressive quality.

T.H.E.M. Serves

Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

  • Condiments
  • Single-serve meals
  • Snacks
  • Beverages
  • Sugars / Sweeteners
Nutritionals & Supplements

Nutritionals & Supplements

  • Vitamins
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Energy Products
  • Direct-to-Mouth (DTM)
CPG & Personal Care

CPG & Personal Care

  • Personal Care
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Soaps and Creams
  • Alcohol-based Products

High-Quality Contract Packaging Services from T.H.E.M.

Here at T.H.E.M. , we understand that each brand has their unique touch to each of their products. Working in the contract packaging industry for more than 20 years, our grasp of the consumer psychology has helped our clients produce impressive product packaging quality that puts them on top of mind.

With more experience and access using Sanko-based technology from all packaging companies in New Jersey, our contract packaging services help your brand cut through the noise and market your products uniquely to give your customers a remarkable buying experience.

Using only the cutting-edge technologies in engineering your product packaging, we make sure that your brand stays competitive. Reach out to us today for your custom-made product packaging.