Single-Serve Packaging Services

What if you could provide your customers with clean, reliable, and food-grade single-serve packaging?

In today’s busy world, food take-outs are growing in demand. Everybody wants to have a choice to eat quickly, anywhere they feel convenient.

Single-serve packaging is becoming a steady trend in the market.

Since single-serve packaging is widely used in grab-and-go consumption, you might want to have robust, steady, and hygienic food packaging designed specifically for your customers’ needs.

Customers want their food to served faster than ever.

Consumers now eat directly from their containers and enjoy single-serve packaging that’s easy to hold, resealable, and robust enough to stack and take anywhere else they want to eat.

Another key factor on why single-serve food packaging is becoming a steady trend is that it promises quick, healthy eating.

You could easily include side dishes such as fruits, nuts, granola bars, proteins, wraps, vegetables, and a selection of oats that can be packed safely using single-serve packaging. Plus, it minimizes plastic use by having food portions within the same container.

These convenient packages also allow easy transport and on-the-go convenience.

Not only does single-serve packaging offer a comfortable way to dine. With the modern, recyclable design, this type of packaging allows consumers to dispose of the waste responsibly.

Custom-Made Single-Serve Packaging Designed Explicitly For Your Customers

When designing single-serve packaging, putting your customers in mind is crucial. At T.H.E.M, we ensure that your customers get the best experience using our single-serve packaging. 

Single-serve food packaging trays must allow food companies to create appetizing and engaging food displays to grab the attention of hungry customers. Putting customer experience in a priority sets us apart from our competition, designing our products based scientifically on market demands and using cutting-edge technologies to secure optimal product quality.

Ready to have the perfect single-serve packaging? We’ll tell you everything you need to know to get your custom-made single-serve packaging needs.

Types of Single-Serve Packaging We Offer

From its dimensions, specific qualities, materials, and overall design- T.H.E.M keeps your customers in mind to create the perfect single-serve packaging solutions.

Stick Packaging

Easy-to-open, lightweight, and highly portable, stick pack packaging is one of the most preferred single-serve packagings.

This compact packaging allows customers to skip stacking, storing, measuring, and cleaning up, unlike the full-sized packaging.

Powder Packaging

Gaining popularity in the space, powder packaging comes in many forms. 

Single serving powder packaging offers customers easy-to-dispense, easy-to-open convenience, and overall portability. 

Like stick packs packaging, single-serving powder packaging allows the straightforward measurement and easy disposal once the product runs out.

Also, single-serving powder packaging keeps products free from outside contaminants and exposure to humidity and prolongs product shelf life.

Benefits of Single-Serve Packaging

More and more companies are now recognizing how single-serve food packaging revolutionizes modern consumption. Plus, single-serve packs also give you conveniently packaged food.

Here’s why single-serve packaging is becoming a market staple.

Better marketing strategies

Businesses use small single-use packaging for tester products, newly-launched product variations, and even samples given away for free.

“Teaser” single-serve packaging allows the consumers to think about purchasing more products.

Whether your brand is launching a new product or introducing a new product variation, T.H.E.M.’s personalized single-serve packages are an eye-catching way to promote your product.

You can be creative with single-serve packages, selling them as travel or sample size versions or including them as a little gift. Talk to us to get your quote today!

Reduce waste production

As consumers become increasingly aware of the health benefits of single-serve packaging, they’re also growing more concerned about ensuring that their food packs are made environmentally friendly. 

A survey published in Statista confirmed that 45% of consumers stated that they were more interested in finding environmentally responsible brands.

Today, many food packaging companies offer biodegradable, easy-compost single-serve packaging materials produced using polylactic acid (PLA)-based materials.

T.H.E.M. creates custom single-serve packaging for your business to ensure customer safety and food hygiene.

Preserve flavor and freshness

Single-serve sauce packaging, single-serve coffee packaging, and single-serving powder packaging are all crafted to seal freshness and flavor. 

Packages also ensure that customers can consume fresh, edible products. The use of unique materials provides products the significant protection against contaminants. 

Sealed fresh, single-serve packaging protects the consumables from exposure to oxygen, moisture, humidity, and even external factors that could compromise product quality.

Trust The Leading Single-Serve Manufacturer in North America

Being the top-performing manufacturer of single-serve packaging, T.H.E.M. ensures that each unit is of superior quality. 

Using only the cutting-edge technologies in producing single-serve packaging, we’ve worked with Sanko Machinery to produce the highest quality of single-serve packaging products. 

Our trailblazing product, packaging, and process innovations allow different brands to develop, test, and launch single-serve products.

Have your custom-made single-serve created by T.H.E.M .. Reach out to us today to get a quote!