Stick Pack Packaging Solution

T.H.E.M is well known as the home of single-serve packaging stick packs and for crafting high-quality stick packs and stick pouch packaging. We use only cutting-edge equipment to ensure product safety, hygiene and dependability. We specialize in custom-made stick packs packaging for different businesses, offering a wide range of solutions to ensure customer satisfaction and superior quality.

Stick packs are a long and slender type of packaging used for single-servings of products. These products are mostly powders, liquids or granules like drink mixes, coffee blends, and nutritional supplements. 

Many companies opt to use stick packs because they are convenient, portable, easy-to-use and lightweight. Sticks packs can be engineered with tear notches, so consumers can easily tear them open. This provides a hassle free design for the consumer..

Our cutting-edge Sanko machines allow us to package dry and liquid products to meet our customers’ needs. We offer stick pack filling in our FDA-approved facilities for private label. 

Stick Pack Packaging

Top-Rated Stick Pack Packaging For All Your Customers Needs

Here at T.H.E.M, we ensure that every unit of our custom-made stick pack packaging is designed with superior functionality. As a leading stick pack contract manufacturer, we ensure superior quality for our product packaging. 

Ensuring customer safety and reliability of food packaging, we put every product through rigorous tests and quality checks. 

Easy To Use Functionality

Designed with your customers’ convenience in mind, T.H.E.M engineers easy-open, resealable and highly-durable stick packs for a seamless customer experience.

Brown blank stick pack packaging
Manufacturing promotes sizeable consumption

Promotes Sizeable Consumption

Producing less excess waste, stick packaging makes it easier for your customers to allocate the amount they need for consumption. Stick packs make it easy for customers to consume small portions without the excess waste or mess. 

Sparing the consumer the hassle of manual measurement, stick packs packaging and stick pouch packaging ensures the appropriate amounts of products are securely sealed for freshness and convenience. As an experienced co-packer, we know the importance of reducing waste for the environment and promoting healthy levels of consumption.

Helps with Health and Nutrition

Are you manufacturing nutritional supplements, drink mixes, spices, and powdered products?

Make your products even more appealing to your customers with T.H.E.M’s custom stick pack solution.

With over 50 years experience, T.H.E.M understands the health-conscious market more than any other stick pack contract packaging company. 

Working with different brands that sell vitamin mixes, energy blends, collagen powders, artificial sweeteners, coffee and tea, and protein powders—we know that segmenting and carefully manufacturing packaging for your products helps consumers maintain their peak of health. 

Our experience with a multitude of clients in various industries is unrivaled.

T.H.E.M’s custom packaging
Stick packing preserving product flavor and freshness

Preserve Product Flavor and Freshness

Working with different brands, we’ve crafted and engineered stick packs that stand the test of time and other factors, keeping the products completely sealed.

Resistant to wearing, tearing, and disintegration, stick packaging proves to be the most reliable and durable in preserving product quality. 

Ensuring that each stick pack is tightly sealed protects your products from humidity, moisture, exposure to contaminants, and damages due to external factors.

Using only the proven techniques and cutting-edge stick pack packaging machinery to produce and seal products, retain your goods’ freshness, flavor, crispness, and overall outstanding quality.


As the modern consumer becomes more involved in preserving the environment, T.H.E.M creates environmentally-safe stick packs.

Ethically sourced, produced, and manufactured, we formulate each package to be carefully handled and easily disposed. More and more consumers are becoming ecoconscious so you need to ensure your values align with theirs. With the right materials and processes, our stick packs are an environmentally-friendly alternative to other single-serving product packaging types.

Handfull of environmentally-safe stick packs

Custom-Made Stick Pack Packaging Designed Explicitly for Your Consumer Needs

T.H.E.M offers sophisticated product customizations to ensure that your brand becomes easily recognizable. Make your stick pack packaging stand out with T.H.E.M.’s game-changing designs.

You will want to have your customers stunned by the quality of packaging no matter what size it comes in. This means whatever design you choose for your packaging, it will stand out. 

Give your customers an amazing experience from the moment they lay eyes on your stick pack packaging. High-quality stick packs let customers know that every aspect of your product is carefully considered, from the contents to their experience. 


From your brand logo, color palette, and unique brand identity, T.H.E.M continues to ensure that your stick packs catch consumer attention and gets picked up from the shelves. Putting vibrant colors, eye-catching design, and interesting packaging type to attract customer interest, you’ll never have to worry about having a slow-moving inventory.

We conceptualize your product branding to boost unit sales, improve customer retention and build a strong, reputable brand identity.

Example of stick pack packaging with branding
Nutritional facts on stick packaging


Give your customers a memorable experience with easy-to-read, easy-to-follow instructions printed on your packaging.

Keeping consumer convenience in mind, T.H.E.M ensures that product instructions and nutritional labels are clearly printed for maximum readability.

FDA Guidelines

Ensuring consumer trust, safety, and brand credibility, T.H.E.M manufactures stick pack packaging that is compliant with FDA guidelines.

Without compromising product quality and customer safety, each stick pack is crafted to be seamless and with optimum quality.

Coffee Mate stick packaging

Design Space

Maximize the space on your stick packs by including the most important information.

From its nutritional facts, packaging and expiry date, directions for use, logo, flavor and specifications,  T.H.E.M ensures that your tiny packages are readable and sealed fresh.

Trust The Premier Stick Pack Manufacturer

T.H.E.M continues to innovate and engineer game-changing designs to achieve the perfect product quality.

Using only the cutting-edge manufacturing technologies and proven strategies to create industry-leading products, we ensure each consumer will have a remarkable experience with your brand.

Have your custom-made stick pack packaging created by T.H.E.M . Reach out to us today to get a quote!