Federally Approved Single Serve Packaging containing Alcohol is now offered by THEM

(Marlton, NJ – August 2015) Neil Kozarsky, CEO and President of Technical Help in Engineering and Marketing (T.H.E.M.), announced that the company is now bonded and certified to package alcohol products. T.H.E.M. offers contract packaging services for a variety of single-serve consumer products that are marketed in the form of flexible stick packs, pouches, and Snapsil® easy-open portion packs. The company’s facility in Marlton, NJ has been inspected and approved for the storage, packaging and distribution of alcohol-based products by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).


“Kozarsky states, “As a result of ATF approval, we now have the ability to provide the same single-serve packaging advantages to marketers of spirits and alcoholic beverages that many other consumer product categories have enjoyed for almost 20 years.” T.H.E.M. can now offer complete single-serve packaging solutions for alcohol-based products, in both liquid and powder formats, including spirits, wines, flavoring, mixes, powdered alcohol, fermenters, and a range of other emerging specialty products.”

Much like the broader food and beverage sector before it, the alcohol products category is beginning to embrace the advantages of single-serve. Indicative of this trend are a number of creative applications of flexible and single-serve packaging of alcohol products that have entered the market. Kozarsky continues, “Anticipating emerging opportunities for our customers, we have obtained the necessary certifications to manage expected demand in accordance with Federal law, and in a safe, responsible manner.”

As the first company to introduce flexible stick packaging to North America, T.H.E.M. is well qualified to help alcohol-based brands explore and introduce single-serve packaging options. The company works with customers ranging from mid-size to multi-national, assisting with the launch of new products or line extensions in single-serve packaging, and supporting them during evaluation, test market, initial scale-up,and on to full-scale commercial production.

T.H.E.M. continues to invest in equipment, personnel and resources, and has substantially expanded its contract packaging capabilities and capacity over the last three years. Its FDA-registered facility now includes over 10 packaging suites dedicated to single-serve contract packaging, from single lane output for trial runs, up to multi-lane high speed production for larger runs up to 100 million units and above. T.H.E.M.’s facility is Safety Quality Food (SQF) Level 2 certified.

The company recently introduced Snapsil® Easy-Open Portion Packs from Australia-based Snapsil Corp. to North American consumer brands. The Snapsil semi-rigid container features a patented audible “snap-opening” function that allows consumers to open the package with one hand. These innovative containers are available in a range of creative dispensing designs that enable simple and controlled product release for a variety of unit-dispense and single-serve applications. The snap-opening function is integrated into the lower web of the thermoformed pack, providing the needed barrier properties for packaging alcoholic beverages and other alcohol-based liquid products. Kozarsky comments, “They are ideally suited for single-serve alcohol beverages like those typically available in hotel mini-bars, and served by airlines.”

T.H.E.M. offers a unique continuity of supply chain model, which enables consumer brand owners to explore single serve packaging opportunities in a manner that minimizes up-front investment. “Our goal is to determine the best way forward for our customers, and always with an approach that reduces the risks associated with the introduction of a new package format. We believe innovative single serve packaging should be ‘easy to use’ for the consumer, and also for the brand itself,” Kozarsky added with a smile.